If you hate your bathroom please stand up...

Please stand up....
And so on and so forth. Certainly I should not be rapping. But I can tell you for a fact that as of 3 weeks ago I hated my bathroom. My master bathroom, my supposed sanctuary. The place where shows like 'House Hunters", "Property Brothers' and so on make a huge deal of the "peace" that you should feel in your "master suite". They basically tell you, you won't be happy in your home without a "perfect" master suite and a kitchen with granite counter tops. And to be honest as of a few weeks ago, I had neither.
When we first bought our house we renovated every room. We bought the quintessential "fixer upper" in the best neighborhood in our town. I had always wanted to live there but I knew I couldn't afford it. So we bought the home which had been foreclosed for over a year, and was up for auction. It was a horrible experience. But we have been there 7 years and have loved every moment of it.
After we finished renovating every room, we realized that our bathroom was truly the worst thing we had ever seen. A huge selling point for the neighborhood had always been these jacuzzi tubs in all the bathrooms. Well, let me tell you - I don't have the time, patience or of stomach for baths. I mean, you are literally bathing in a small hole, in your own dirt. ???? Explain to me how this is relaxing? When I am fully relaxed I am almost asleep, and in a tub that would be life threatening. So, I will pass.
In 7 years I have taken one bath in that tub, it was horrible and lasted 5 minutes because I dropped my book in the water.
Since that day, it has just sat there, all sad and unused, gathering hair and dirt. It is gross.
Brandon and I decided a long time ago that we would just "deal with it". We knew it would be expensive, and since we are the cheapest people on the planet, we decided to just leave it. So we painted it, cleaned up and decorated.
But, something changed about 3 months ago. We realized after Mia came into our lives that we wanted to stay in our home, we wanted to raise her in the house that we poured so much love into. We wanted to put roots down here for at least 7 more years. So, we decided to renovate.
But this project was too big for our DIY selves with a brand new newborn. So, we hired out. Gulp.
I picked a contractor who is amazing. He let me design, buy and bug him into doing everything I wanted just the WAY I wanted it. I am the boss and the lady with the cash, so we got along great.
Today I actually put my jars and stuff on the counter tops.
But before I can show the final product off. Let me show you how we started and a couple progress pictures. We are so proud. And a little poorer. But much happier.
Here are some "before" pictures. Cringe.
 We painted, cleaned, changed light fixtures and mirrors and hung decorations.
And here is what we came up with...
 Blue paint...seriously what was I thinking?
 Shelf tutorial here.
 Artwork - painted by incredibly talented sister. We kept those obviously.
 Light fixtures and mirrors from Lowes.
We put up with it. We still had no real love for it, for 7 years.

I always have these visions that I draw up on a piece of paper, but since contractors cant build off of a scratch piece of paper, my husband so graciously offers to draw a scaled picture of my "ideas" and "vision" so that everyone else understands what I mean.
Brandon's take on my scribble. I think he nailed it. And my contractor loved having this. Just so he and I were always on the same page.
First demo...no pictures but that was fun to watch!!!
Then he started on tile...
All of this was getting grouted with black grout.
Then...more tile.
Tile for the new MUCH bigger shower!!!
Next up the beautiful floor....we love this tile so much, it has proven to be incredibly tough!
Then...the vanity came in...the lights go installed, the counter tops got poured, and the shower fixtures went in.
 The vanity is from the Restoration Hardware Outlet. We searched and searched for this one. It is the Hutton, and we got it for $800! The makeup table drop downs were my idea.
 The light fixtures are also from Restoration Hardware Outlet. I love the shape of them!
 The faucets are Delta and you can buy them here. The counter tops are Federal Stone Industries, Inc. and if you are local to MD, DC, VA or PA you can order them by contacting them here.
The shower fixtures can be purchased here and here. And a sneak peek of the black grout!
There is so much more to come! I can't wait to show you guys!

Final pictures to come after the weekend!



Mia Photoshoots

While on maternity leave I spent near every morning taking pictures of my sweet girl. I got some good ones and some interesting ones but for the most part she let me take her picture. As she gets older the pictures are better and better because her facial expressions grow and grow. I mean she is sticking her tongue out at me now.
By one month she was starting to recognize and follow our faces. She would lock into Brandon with this look on her face like she had never seen anything better in her life. She is certainly a "daddy's girl". By two months she was full on laughing at us. She loves to kick her feet and wiggle all around. Her absolute favorite thing to do is look at the light; no matter where it is coming from, the lights, the fan, the television, the Christmas tree. She loves it.
Here are some of my favorites...


I mean look at that tongue, she melts my heart.
It so fun being her Mom!



Introducing Mia Sidney!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I had a difficult pregnancy and realized about halfway through that I wasn't enjoying it. I needed a re-boot, a change of pace and a chance to sit back and reflect on my life and this upcoming bundle of joy.
That chance to look at things, where they were going and what amazing miracle was about to happen gave me the much needed boost to get through the rest of my pregnancy!
Now I have so many things to catch up on!
But let's start by introducing my little love -
Mia Sidney
born October 10th, 2014
weight 8 pounds 11 ounces
21 inches long
the greatest joy of our lives.

I cannot quite express how in love we are. I know everyone talks about how having a baby changes your life and the way you love him/her will forever change you. But to be honest that isn't even the best way to describe it. I look at Mia and I think, "how in the world did I walk this planet without having her?" So many times I want to turn back the clock and do something over or have a re-do on something I said. I wouldn't go back to anytime now, because every moment with Mia gets better. And any moment 2 months ago was a time when we didn't have her and I cannot go back to that.
She gets cuter every moment and we are so lucky!
Enjoy these pictures of our little love muffin's newborn photo shoot. Plus - the nursery photographed amazing! Thanks to our incredibly talented photographer Lindsay D. Photography!

dresser - mia's grandpa's dresser from when he was young that we re-furbished
bookshelves - we made them!
garland - studio mucci
blanket - home goods
crib - restoration hardware baby and child
crib skirt - restoration hardware baby and child
crib sheets - restoration hardware baby and child
stuffed animals - pottery barn kids / restoration hardware baby and child
pillows - home goods
lamb chair - restoration hardware baby and child
mirror - pottery barn kids
rug - target
chalkboard - home goods
basket - home goods 

I am happy to being back to documenting our life. I have so much to catch up on! Even with having a newborn Brandon and I have been doing so many projects!