17, 18 & 19 weeks pregnant!

I cannot believe that I am currently 20 weeks pregnant! I mean - ridiculous how time passes so fast! I was chatting with Brandon about it yesterday and then remembered it has been forever since I updated you all on the "bump" progress. It is out and proud right now, I like to say its still small but I think that may just be wishful thinking at this point.
I also promise to update on ALL the house projects we have been doing. I don't think I explained my absence on the blog (in case anyone cares); you see I work in manufacturing for the pool industry; which basically means from March until about 4th of July its like Christmas Eve at the North Pole. We are slammed; and with being pregnant this year, the last thing I add to my ever growing list when I get home is do anything but put my sweats on and try to relax!
So here is a picture update on the last few weeks and a full update on how I am feeling up to last week!
Once I take my 20 week pic - I will have that up to!
For all you pregnant mommas out there, or mommas with kiddos - God Bless You. This is harder than it looks - but equally so fun and amazing. I mean I am growing a human...trippy...
Mother's Day 2014.

How far along? In the last picture 19 weeks 6 days! Almost halfway done!

Baby Size: The size of a MANGO! And now...I want a Mango. It really is that easy...

Total weight gain: At my 18 week appointment I tipped the scale at just about 4 pounds gained. It has been over a week and a half - so maybe another pound or two - thanks a lot mint chocolate chip ice cream...

Maternity clothes? Yes...some. Shirts are harder and harder to fit into from my pre-pregnancy days, you really do need longer shirts.

Stretch marks? No, I am borderline psycho about lotion.

Sleep: Good, besides the water fountain that goes off every 2 hours while I am sleeping that leads me to pray I make it to the bathroom without tripping and waking B & Raz...

Best moment this week: A truck driver that picks up material at our plant asked me if it was just him or "was I sprouting" - I think was the actual term... kinda weird, kinda amazing. B goes with weird. I do think when people notice its nice.

Miss Anything? Alcohol, and this morning I had a craving for sushi. Yep, 7am alligator spicy roll craving...Damn you raw meat.

Movement: Why yes - gummy is squirming around in there little jabs at night. They feel like bad gas but I was told by my doc that it is in fact my little gums...

Food cravings: The weirdest thing was pickles and mint chocolate chip ice cream at the same time. Bizarre.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No not at all. I am eating pretty normal, which I am very thankful for.

Gender: Not yet. Test scheduled for June 10th! Reveal party being thrown by my dear sweet bestie Jen on the 14th! OMG can't wait! What do you all think???

Labor Signs: I mean come on...NO.

Symptoms: Since I stated taking Magnesium supplement before bed every night my headaches have been SO much better, so if you suffer from migraines - pregnant or not, I would suggest trying Magnesium! It really helps.

Belly Button in or out? In - but WAY borderline. I am scared for when it pops completely out...and when can I expect it to go back in??

Wedding rings on or off? On, everything is totally normal on that front! 

Mood: I am feeling great! I have been working out to keep myself feeling normal. Weight training and stretching at home to keep things loose and then TIGHT. Gotta keep that locked up ladies...no jiggle.

Looking forward to: Getting to find out Gummy's gender! I am so excited - I want to start decorating the nursery! Lets goooooooooo!



15 & 16 weeks pregnant!

I am officially 16 weeks and 5 days right now but I am going to take you back to my belly 15 and 16 weeks. I feel like now everyday I can see "little" changes in my belly. It is really miraculous. I am waiting, just patiently waiting to feel something! I keep reading that the gas bubbles I am feeling, are little baby kicks, but to be honest - I am pretty certain its just gas...
I defiantly turned my body slightly and its hard to see my belly - but its very similar to 16 weeks...I think I just wanted to "feel skinny" still.
Feeling cute, and holding my belly has become my "new thang". Hurry up and kick me gummy!

How far along? 16 weeks 5 days. Feeling great!

Baby Size: An avocado - guacamole baby! Side note - I have been craving Mexican food like crazy!!

Total weight gain: I still don't know. I think I am avoiding looking at a scale, maybe I should - I might need a little encouragement.

Maternity clothes? Yes! I purchased a bunch of stuff from ASOS maternity. I am also loving kimonos in all shapes and sizes - they seem to be the most comfortable and easy maternity wear to date.

Stretch marks? No, heavens NO! I am diligently putting cocoa butter on my entire body twice a day!! I smell great!

Sleep: I have found the sweet spot in my sleeping. I do wake up about 2 times a night to pee. That pesky pee...but my sleep has been substantially better than my first trimester.

Best moment this week: We went to our friends wedding over the weekend and the beautiful bride asked to feel my baby bump. It was my first "ask", and most likely will be the last time I let someone. But she was the bride - and I couldn't say no. 
here are a few pics of the wedding! 
Miss Anything? Alcohol - in general. I got some weird looks while sniffing Brandon's drinks at the wedding. I mean - its not nice to stare at the pregnant girl sniffing alcohol; there is nothing wrong with it people! 

Movement: NO - I am waiting, patiently.

Food cravings: French fries (which I had once this week!), Mint Chocolate chip ice cream, also Mexican food - which I have yet to indulge in...

Anything making you queasy or sick: No not at all. I am eating pretty normal, which I am very thankful for.

Gender: No...I think we should have our test scheduled after end of next week.

Labor Signs: I mean come on...NO.

Symptoms: I am having small pains in my stomach when I sit in the car too long, and very severe migraines. I have always had them - but they are SO much worse right now. I had to get my doctor to fill a baby safe prescription for me, which has helped a little to keep me functioning.

Belly Button in or out? In! I removed my belly button ring which I have had since I was about 19 years old and never took out - it was beyond time.

Wedding rings on or off? On, everything is totally normal on that front! 

Mood: Great! I am feeling so good. I am feeling more like myself; which is nice.

Looking forward to: Gummy growing, along with my bump. This - I feel is the fun part. Its coming I am sure of it!



14 weeks = 2nd trimester bliss...or so they say.

Apparently, according to all the books, apps and doctors visits I have had, 14 weeks is the blissful release of all sorts of energy and happiness. Well, bliss and happiness I am waiting. I am feeling better; which is super helpful considering I was a nightmare the first 12-13 weeks, but bliss has not come yet. Instead of bliss I have inserted that with anxiety ridden panic attacks about growing larger. I am learning to understand the difference between "fat" and "pregnant". This little blessing growing in my belly has changed my life in more ways than anyone will ever understand and I am beyond grateful for that; its just the transition between my "fit" self to my "pregnant" self that I am struggling with.
But beyond my anxiety - I thought I would share my weekly pregnancy updates with you all. Enjoy and get ready for my overwhelming dose of brutal honesty; pregnancy style.
Easter basket from my in-laws with a sweet surprise from my Mother-in-law! Thanks Carol for the books! I love them!
How far along? 14 weeks...4 days. Feeling huge but realizing I am SO NOT....yet.
Baby Size: A lemon. 3 inches long and about 1.5 ounces. And according to my What to Expect when you are Expecting book - about the size of a fist! So neat. I also learned from my numerous apps that the baby is now able to pee - which TOTALLY explains all the trips to the bathroom as of recent. And that it can now suck its thumb. I mean come on...adorable.
Total weight gain: As of my appointment 2 weeks ago I lost 5 pounds, but I am going to just say 5 pounds right now to even it out. Ugh.
Maternity clothes? No, not yet but I starting to consider looking into it...
Stretch marks? NO, gosh NO. I have been ferociously using Cocoa Butter for stretch marks everyday, almost twice a day.
Sleep: Sleeping...ok. I did invest in the world's greatest pillow, the bumpnest (mine is the blue peacock pattern) to assist me in sleeping on my side since I am a back and stomach sleeper. It helps but I am up once or twice at night for a pee break. Super annoying but necessary.
Best moment this week: So far, it has been watching my sweet husband build our new outdoor table! I can't wait to show it to you, it is really amazing! I have been outside with him enjoying the beautiful spring weather and helping, or not helping, whatever.
Miss Anything? Wine. Humph. This nice weather has made me miss it more than ever. We belong to a wine club at a local winery - so we have ALL THE WINES piling up in our dining room just waiting for me... ;)
Movement: Not yet! But as I told B yesterday it just feels like I ate 4 burritos and can't digest them. Disgusting but true.
Food cravings: Pickles...I know - pretty generic craving right now but I have been craving that juice flavor along with gummy bears and cheese. But thanks to my husband "looking out for my body after baby" as he puts it - fruit has topped the list. ;) Love him....hate him. Hate him...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week. I started eating vegetables again! YAY!
Gender: Don't know yet...waiting, patiently.
Labor Signs: Oh lord, NO.
Symptoms: Lower back pain, but if I start to feel lethargic I try to sneak a workout in. I have been going back to the gym and starting weight training there and at home as well. Squats and weights are your friend during pregnancy just lower your weights to make it adaptable for the baby!!!
Belly Button in or out? In...please, I am 14 weeks.
Wedding rings on or off? On - I have had no swelling to this point and I think I can keep that at bay.
Mood: Really good. I am getting over my anxiety and embracing pregnancy for all its worth. Because before I know it, it will be over and little gummy will be here (a nickname for the baby curtsey of my best friend, Ashley)
Looking forward to: My bump looking more like a bump and less like all the cheeseburgers... ;) Oh and a good friends wedding next week! Should be so fun!
These little updates could be fun. Looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone!



Belly Updates.

Since the news yesterday I have been overwhelmed with sweet congratulations here, on instagram and facebook. We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support; it means the world!!! So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I am going to overload you all with pregnancy belly pictures and updates on how I am feeling now.
I have pictures from 8-12 weeks right now and will post a 13 week update tomorrow!
I feel huge - but I guess that is just the first trimester "growing pains".
 feeling pretty good about myself still.
feeling bloated - all i can keep down is cheese quesadillas and fruit.
 1st week of spring - feeling cute. starting to eat veggies again.
 starting to see a minor change in my stomach, dealing with major panic attacks about it.
feeling good (a little more energy). my sweet husband bought me this amazing Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote for our first baby growing and my pregnancy. He melts my heart.

I will start the weekly updates tomorrow as the first trimester just kinda took the wind out of me. I am absolutly certain I was never more tired in my life than the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy. I would sleep ALL.THE.TIME. You know that amazing dresser B built? Yea that one. Well, I slept through the whole process. We would get home from work and he would go upstairs and build and I would go to the basement curl up with a blanket and fall asleep for at least 2 hours. Then get up, barely eat anything and go to bed. I am pretty sure I was the best to hang out with at that time...for real.
I also could not eat any of the foods I regularly eat. Vegetables - yea YUCK. I couldn't keep them down. And meat - meat was tough. I basically lived off fruit, that was the only thing I seemed to crave. At 13 weeks I am just starting to come back to normal, taste bud wise.
My first real craving came in the gummy bear form. Anything gummy seems to be pretty appealing to me. I also have been wanting french fries too. But B has been helping me with sticking to fruit rather than indulging in the french fries. But seriously this girl wants some fries. Help a sister out will ya? FRENCH FRIES!!!!
And I just started working out again - I am shooting for 3-4 times a week. I was on strict orders to lay off my usual weight training and stick with walking and yoga. But I have been cleared - so back to it I go! I had 2 workouts since my doctor cleared me and I am feeling MUCH better already. Of course I have to take it slower and decrease my weights but it feels good to be back. 
First trimester almost over! I can't wait for that influx of energy - come on 2nd trimester bliss!!!

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Growing by 2 feet...

We are so happy to share with you that:
Baby R will be here October 2014 and we couldn't possibly be more excited! Well, maybe not ALL of us...Rascal is unsure of how this will go. I think he is still on the fence. We are working on it - he enjoys that "only child" thing a little too much, I think. Poor thing has no idea whats coming. Although he has been more protective over me lately which to me means he knows somethings up. And let's not kid ourselves; I love that.

We had a announcement photo shoot taken about a month or so ago and literally have been waiting on baited breathe to share them. We love the pictures more than words and cannot possibly thank our amazing photographer enough. If you are local in western Maryland you must check her out! ---> Lindsay D. Photography!
Here are some of our favorite shots!
my favorite one! look at his tongue! so sweet!!!
It wouldn't have been appropriate not to make a stupid face in a couple pictures - I really did try and keep it classy.

What fun these next 6 months will be planning, decorating and preparing for baby! We have been so wrapped up into everything "early pregnancy" lately - that projects and capturing daily life have been on a bit of a hold.
Oh, that early pregnancy exhaustion is the real deal. Hello...6pm, 2 hour naps, followed by bed time at 8pm. It has been quite a journey to get to this 13 week period, but I am starting to get my energy back! That, my friends is a welcome change. Now on to the fun part; where my clothes don't fit and I feel like a cow. Grow baby grow.

Up next - my weekly belly updates up til now! Can't wait to show you!



A building machine...

Since his last tutorial - my husband has been steady building for our house. I am not sure what has gotten into him but he know believes that he can build anything for the house. He man - building machine. And you know what, I am cool with that. Less money I have to spend on furniture and it keeps him busy while I watch too many episodes of Real Housewives of any city.
I am pretty excited to share with you the side table B built - and then try to figure out a way to take credit for this accomplishment. Maybe I should start building things....yeah probably not.
The reason B decided to make this table was pretty simple: the budget for this room was small and since we try to save every dime we have all.the.time. we decided to make the table.
We used our recycled pallet wood, which we make our signs out of (shop here)! and some other scrap wood and B then constructed his "own creation". We measured the space we had next to the bed in the guest room and went off of that, this table is a special build for the space - so if we need to use it again I am sure we could probably fit it anywhere, because of its generally small size.
We started with the scrap wood, then Brandon stained the top pieces and painted the pieces which will be the bottom black.
He then constructed the base and added the pallets to the top of the table which makes the "table top". We used nails to construct the base and then screws to secure the table top.

After the table was constructed we coated it with a light coat of polyurethane on the table. We let dry for a few hours and then moved it upstairs to the new guest room!
Pretty easy, cheap and attractive if I do say so myself table.

I swear - it may look like I don't contribute to any of these projects lately, but I do, I have crowned myself "the brains" of the operation. Haha. Yes - we can go with that.
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How to: Build a Dresser (a guest post by Brandon)

I am so excited to be back to blogging after a little break. We have been going crazy on renovating and working on the house that things got backed up in our camera and in our lives. But that just means MORE projects to share with you all soon! 
Remember how I showed you my inspiration for the guest room, and then a little about the daybed and the painting? Well today's post is all about our guest room progress! But instead of me, you get to hear from a much more talented member of the Rethemeyer family...my husband Brandon. He made a custom dresser for this room and he really is a gem; he always insists on saving a buck and "doing it himself".
To say I am proud is an understatement. But not to sugar coat it - shit was hard and I did not help at all. At all... #realtalk
Anyways, enjoy! And if you have any questions email me and he will respond to you! erin@cali-landchic.com

Thanks a lot Crate & Barrel.

So apparently a Crate & Barrel Christmas catalog can turn into a complete room renovation. Lets go back first...Five and a half years ago we were house shopping and we "needed" an office space for one of our rooms. Now back to the present...we never used the office. We honestly can count on one hand the amount of times we sat in the desk chair and did "office stuff."
So in December "the" Crate & Barrel catalog showed up on our kitchen island with the page folded over to a red daybed. 
After we stared at this picture for weeks we agreed to do away with the office furniture and make this room a functional guest space. We held out and patiently waited a month and a half for the daybed to go on sale before we snatched it up. This kick started the room renovation.
My next immediate question, (after, "what two people possibly need this much luggage?") was, "where are we going to hide all this luggage?"
After researching some dressers for a week, I apparently thought I had all the confidence and information needed to go ahead and build my first piece of actual furniture. (side note- I now know way too much about inset vs. overlay cabinets...this will make sense when you begin to develop a plan for your very own dresser) I first measured the tallest and widest piece of luggage to ensure a complete fit inside the dresser. We knew the dresser was going to be against a large wall so we were prepared to build a statement piece. Using 1" MDF as the outside panels, I screwed them to 2x4's on the bottom. (make sure the outside panels are plum before moving forward-everything must be square) I then attached the top using a 1x2. 

With the initial supports in place, I then attached another 1"MDF panel in the middle as a separator between the drawers and cabinets. Using 1/2" MDF I screwed the bottom of the dresser to the 2x4's and attached another 1x2 to begin the drawer area. I got a little nervous at this point so I stacked all the luggage in just to make sure it would indeed all fit before I got too far. 

I attached the 4 cabinet front panels (1/2"MDF) to the face frame using this...
Erin stuck her head in to see the  progress and came up with the brilliant idea of using magnetic catches on the doors so they would firmly close. 
For the drawers, there are a ton of options out there for drawer slides. I didn't want to "over complicate" my already unsure idea of a dresser so I got the cheap-o wheel slides and attached the one side to the dresser and one side to the drawer box.
For the top I used 1/2"MDF and for the back I attached Lauan. 
With the entire dresser structure built.
...it was time to "class" it up a bit. I decided to attach  1" lattice strips to create some depth and attractiveness and then primer coated the entire piece. After one coat of Kilz, I painted 2 coats of light grey and finished it off with a layer of polyurethane. (all painting was done with foam brushes so it had as smooth a finish as possible)
With construction out of the way, I summoned Erin's opinion for the knobs and decorations because with most of our projects we have the agreement that I will build and she will make it "pretty." Again, she did a fantastic job of finishing off this project and completing the new home for our luggage.
 *not finished decorating yet! but getting there!*
So all thanks to a Crate & Barrel Christmas catalog we now have a red daybed (without a mattress yet) and I was able to build my first piece of usable furniture. If you have any specific questions, I will try my best to help you, as I have gone through the frustration and head scratching you may experience. Stay tuned for more guest room makeover blogs as we made it a goal to DIY the majority of this transformation. 

Isn't he the best?! 
Happy dresser making people!