Mia Photoshoots

While on maternity leave I spent near every morning taking pictures of my sweet girl. I got some good ones and some interesting ones but for the most part she let me take her picture. As she gets older the pictures are better and better because her facial expressions grow and grow. I mean she is sticking her tongue out at me now.
By one month she was starting to recognize and follow our faces. She would lock into Brandon with this look on her face like she had never seen anything better in her life. She is certainly a "daddy's girl". By two months she was full on laughing at us. She loves to kick her feet and wiggle all around. Her absolute favorite thing to do is look at the light; no matter where it is coming from, the lights, the fan, the television, the Christmas tree. She loves it.
Here are some of my favorites...


I mean look at that tongue, she melts my heart.
It so fun being her Mom!



Introducing Mia Sidney!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I had a difficult pregnancy and realized about halfway through that I wasn't enjoying it. I needed a re-boot, a change of pace and a chance to sit back and reflect on my life and this upcoming bundle of joy.
That chance to look at things, where they were going and what amazing miracle was about to happen gave me the much needed boost to get through the rest of my pregnancy!
Now I have so many things to catch up on!
But let's start by introducing my little love -
Mia Sidney
born October 10th, 2014
weight 8 pounds 11 ounces
21 inches long
the greatest joy of our lives.

I cannot quite express how in love we are. I know everyone talks about how having a baby changes your life and the way you love him/her will forever change you. But to be honest that isn't even the best way to describe it. I look at Mia and I think, "how in the world did I walk this planet without having her?" So many times I want to turn back the clock and do something over or have a re-do on something I said. I wouldn't go back to anytime now, because every moment with Mia gets better. And any moment 2 months ago was a time when we didn't have her and I cannot go back to that.
She gets cuter every moment and we are so lucky!
Enjoy these pictures of our little love muffin's newborn photo shoot. Plus - the nursery photographed amazing! Thanks to our incredibly talented photographer Lindsay D. Photography!

dresser - mia's grandpa's dresser from when he was young that we re-furbished
bookshelves - we made them!
garland - studio mucci
blanket - home goods
crib - restoration hardware baby and child
crib skirt - restoration hardware baby and child
crib sheets - restoration hardware baby and child
stuffed animals - pottery barn kids / restoration hardware baby and child
pillows - home goods
lamb chair - restoration hardware baby and child
mirror - pottery barn kids
rug - target
chalkboard - home goods
basket - home goods 

I am happy to being back to documenting our life. I have so much to catch up on! Even with having a newborn Brandon and I have been doing so many projects!



17, 18 & 19 weeks pregnant!

I cannot believe that I am currently 20 weeks pregnant! I mean - ridiculous how time passes so fast! I was chatting with Brandon about it yesterday and then remembered it has been forever since I updated you all on the "bump" progress. It is out and proud right now, I like to say its still small but I think that may just be wishful thinking at this point.
I also promise to update on ALL the house projects we have been doing. I don't think I explained my absence on the blog (in case anyone cares); you see I work in manufacturing for the pool industry; which basically means from March until about 4th of July its like Christmas Eve at the North Pole. We are slammed; and with being pregnant this year, the last thing I add to my ever growing list when I get home is do anything but put my sweats on and try to relax!
So here is a picture update on the last few weeks and a full update on how I am feeling up to last week!
Once I take my 20 week pic - I will have that up to!
For all you pregnant mommas out there, or mommas with kiddos - God Bless You. This is harder than it looks - but equally so fun and amazing. I mean I am growing a human...trippy...
Mother's Day 2014.

How far along? In the last picture 19 weeks 6 days! Almost halfway done!

Baby Size: The size of a MANGO! And now...I want a Mango. It really is that easy...

Total weight gain: At my 18 week appointment I tipped the scale at just about 4 pounds gained. It has been over a week and a half - so maybe another pound or two - thanks a lot mint chocolate chip ice cream...

Maternity clothes? Yes...some. Shirts are harder and harder to fit into from my pre-pregnancy days, you really do need longer shirts.

Stretch marks? No, I am borderline psycho about lotion.

Sleep: Good, besides the water fountain that goes off every 2 hours while I am sleeping that leads me to pray I make it to the bathroom without tripping and waking B & Raz...

Best moment this week: A truck driver that picks up material at our plant asked me if it was just him or "was I sprouting" - I think was the actual term... kinda weird, kinda amazing. B goes with weird. I do think when people notice its nice.

Miss Anything? Alcohol, and this morning I had a craving for sushi. Yep, 7am alligator spicy roll craving...Damn you raw meat.

Movement: Why yes - gummy is squirming around in there little jabs at night. They feel like bad gas but I was told by my doc that it is in fact my little gums...

Food cravings: The weirdest thing was pickles and mint chocolate chip ice cream at the same time. Bizarre.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No not at all. I am eating pretty normal, which I am very thankful for.

Gender: Not yet. Test scheduled for June 10th! Reveal party being thrown by my dear sweet bestie Jen on the 14th! OMG can't wait! What do you all think???

Labor Signs: I mean come on...NO.

Symptoms: Since I stated taking Magnesium supplement before bed every night my headaches have been SO much better, so if you suffer from migraines - pregnant or not, I would suggest trying Magnesium! It really helps.

Belly Button in or out? In - but WAY borderline. I am scared for when it pops completely out...and when can I expect it to go back in??

Wedding rings on or off? On, everything is totally normal on that front! 

Mood: I am feeling great! I have been working out to keep myself feeling normal. Weight training and stretching at home to keep things loose and then TIGHT. Gotta keep that locked up ladies...no jiggle.

Looking forward to: Getting to find out Gummy's gender! I am so excited - I want to start decorating the nursery! Lets goooooooooo!



15 & 16 weeks pregnant!

I am officially 16 weeks and 5 days right now but I am going to take you back to my belly 15 and 16 weeks. I feel like now everyday I can see "little" changes in my belly. It is really miraculous. I am waiting, just patiently waiting to feel something! I keep reading that the gas bubbles I am feeling, are little baby kicks, but to be honest - I am pretty certain its just gas...
I defiantly turned my body slightly and its hard to see my belly - but its very similar to 16 weeks...I think I just wanted to "feel skinny" still.
Feeling cute, and holding my belly has become my "new thang". Hurry up and kick me gummy!

How far along? 16 weeks 5 days. Feeling great!

Baby Size: An avocado - guacamole baby! Side note - I have been craving Mexican food like crazy!!

Total weight gain: I still don't know. I think I am avoiding looking at a scale, maybe I should - I might need a little encouragement.

Maternity clothes? Yes! I purchased a bunch of stuff from ASOS maternity. I am also loving kimonos in all shapes and sizes - they seem to be the most comfortable and easy maternity wear to date.

Stretch marks? No, heavens NO! I am diligently putting cocoa butter on my entire body twice a day!! I smell great!

Sleep: I have found the sweet spot in my sleeping. I do wake up about 2 times a night to pee. That pesky pee...but my sleep has been substantially better than my first trimester.

Best moment this week: We went to our friends wedding over the weekend and the beautiful bride asked to feel my baby bump. It was my first "ask", and most likely will be the last time I let someone. But she was the bride - and I couldn't say no. 
here are a few pics of the wedding! 
Miss Anything? Alcohol - in general. I got some weird looks while sniffing Brandon's drinks at the wedding. I mean - its not nice to stare at the pregnant girl sniffing alcohol; there is nothing wrong with it people! 

Movement: NO - I am waiting, patiently.

Food cravings: French fries (which I had once this week!), Mint Chocolate chip ice cream, also Mexican food - which I have yet to indulge in...

Anything making you queasy or sick: No not at all. I am eating pretty normal, which I am very thankful for.

Gender: No...I think we should have our test scheduled after end of next week.

Labor Signs: I mean come on...NO.

Symptoms: I am having small pains in my stomach when I sit in the car too long, and very severe migraines. I have always had them - but they are SO much worse right now. I had to get my doctor to fill a baby safe prescription for me, which has helped a little to keep me functioning.

Belly Button in or out? In! I removed my belly button ring which I have had since I was about 19 years old and never took out - it was beyond time.

Wedding rings on or off? On, everything is totally normal on that front! 

Mood: Great! I am feeling so good. I am feeling more like myself; which is nice.

Looking forward to: Gummy growing, along with my bump. This - I feel is the fun part. Its coming I am sure of it!