Valentine's Day: Hey Girl...

I am fairly certain that I am the only girl on the planet that has very specific feelings about Valentine's Day. You may be thinking...no...all girls have very distinct thoughts about Valentine's Day...

But are those feelings...that you HATE Valentine's Day??
No? I didn't think so...
Let me explain before you go running far from me forever...
I have not always hated Valentine's Day, I actually grew up loving this holiday - my Dad was amazing, always showering his girls with gifts and chocolate. He is the best. I even distinctly remember my first Valentine (that wasn't my Dad). It was the 7th grade, he was incredibly adorable and brought me a teddy bear that had a large heart on it and it said "Hug Me", and I did. It was cute.
But that cute feeling and time of "does he love me?" "will he be my Valentine this year?" "will he buy me something?" "what do I get for him" is very over.
Every boyfriend and Valentine's Day since that one until the day I met my husband was horrible.
And with meeting Brandon I realized that this one day doesn't define our love. We define our love, everyday, and with our small declarations of love to one another.
So here I am a 29 year old woman, hating the idea of this Hallmark holiday and boycotting the event.

But after I saw this - Hey Girl meme inspired link up I realized it was the way in which I would like to show my love for my husband on this mushy and totally un-necessary love-filled holiday. Plus he is so deliciously adorable that I thought what better than to decorate his face than with my my own (not Ryan Gosling - but my man is better) "Hey Girl" meme's?
These 5 pretty amazing ladies (Kelly, Michelle, Chelsea, Bliss, and Ashley) are genius, I couldn't stop laughing reading everyone's, wishing I would have come up with the idea first.
Get ready to feast your eyes on my man candy - and his "Hey Girl..."

Yes I did...
And I am pretty sure B is rolling his eyes right now reading this. But honey - I love you so much. You are the best man I have ever known and I am thankful every minute of everyday for you.
Happy Burrito Day.
Kidding...but how awesome would that be?????
Happy Valentine's Day lover.

Oh and on the 15th I will give him a sweet card and he can buy my flowers, "just because".
Note: I believe in love to the fullest - and my husband and I are incredibly mushy - we both just decided that the act of celebrating Valentine's Day is not for us. 
I am also very sure the moment we have kids this feeling will change.



  1. Well as a burrito loving, original San Fernando Valley, In-n-Out eating girl..... any man who would think of filling up the house with thrift store stuff is a keeper. Even if he didn't really say that.


  2. We dont do Valentine's day either, I prefer Kev to be romantic when he feels like it, not because I tell him to! These pictures are hilarious, I love them so much!

  3. that last one killed me! love this link up!

  4. Haha that's awesome! I'm sad I missed this idea, it's so much fun! I love the clothing allotment!!!

  5. OMG!! This is amazing!!!!! I am so using this in my favorite links of the week tomorrow!! LOVE!


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