14 weeks = 2nd trimester bliss...or so they say.

Apparently, according to all the books, apps and doctors visits I have had, 14 weeks is the blissful release of all sorts of energy and happiness. Well, bliss and happiness I am waiting. I am feeling better; which is super helpful considering I was a nightmare the first 12-13 weeks, but bliss has not come yet. Instead of bliss I have inserted that with anxiety ridden panic attacks about growing larger. I am learning to understand the difference between "fat" and "pregnant". This little blessing growing in my belly has changed my life in more ways than anyone will ever understand and I am beyond grateful for that; its just the transition between my "fit" self to my "pregnant" self that I am struggling with.
But beyond my anxiety - I thought I would share my weekly pregnancy updates with you all. Enjoy and get ready for my overwhelming dose of brutal honesty; pregnancy style.
Easter basket from my in-laws with a sweet surprise from my Mother-in-law! Thanks Carol for the books! I love them!
How far along? 14 weeks...4 days. Feeling huge but realizing I am SO NOT....yet.
Baby Size: A lemon. 3 inches long and about 1.5 ounces. And according to my What to Expect when you are Expecting book - about the size of a fist! So neat. I also learned from my numerous apps that the baby is now able to pee - which TOTALLY explains all the trips to the bathroom as of recent. And that it can now suck its thumb. I mean come on...adorable.
Total weight gain: As of my appointment 2 weeks ago I lost 5 pounds, but I am going to just say 5 pounds right now to even it out. Ugh.
Maternity clothes? No, not yet but I starting to consider looking into it...
Stretch marks? NO, gosh NO. I have been ferociously using Cocoa Butter for stretch marks everyday, almost twice a day.
Sleep: Sleeping...ok. I did invest in the world's greatest pillow, the bumpnest (mine is the blue peacock pattern) to assist me in sleeping on my side since I am a back and stomach sleeper. It helps but I am up once or twice at night for a pee break. Super annoying but necessary.
Best moment this week: So far, it has been watching my sweet husband build our new outdoor table! I can't wait to show it to you, it is really amazing! I have been outside with him enjoying the beautiful spring weather and helping, or not helping, whatever.
Miss Anything? Wine. Humph. This nice weather has made me miss it more than ever. We belong to a wine club at a local winery - so we have ALL THE WINES piling up in our dining room just waiting for me... ;)
Movement: Not yet! But as I told B yesterday it just feels like I ate 4 burritos and can't digest them. Disgusting but true.
Food cravings: Pickles...I know - pretty generic craving right now but I have been craving that juice flavor along with gummy bears and cheese. But thanks to my husband "looking out for my body after baby" as he puts it - fruit has topped the list. ;) Love him....hate him. Hate him...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week. I started eating vegetables again! YAY!
Gender: Don't know yet...waiting, patiently.
Labor Signs: Oh lord, NO.
Symptoms: Lower back pain, but if I start to feel lethargic I try to sneak a workout in. I have been going back to the gym and starting weight training there and at home as well. Squats and weights are your friend during pregnancy just lower your weights to make it adaptable for the baby!!!
Belly Button in or out? In...please, I am 14 weeks.
Wedding rings on or off? On - I have had no swelling to this point and I think I can keep that at bay.
Mood: Really good. I am getting over my anxiety and embracing pregnancy for all its worth. Because before I know it, it will be over and little gummy will be here (a nickname for the baby curtsey of my best friend, Ashley)
Looking forward to: My bump looking more like a bump and less like all the cheeseburgers... ;) Oh and a good friends wedding next week! Should be so fun!
These little updates could be fun. Looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone!



  1. Loved reading your updates :) You should have dill pickles and cheddar cheese to fix your cravings, best combo ever! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to follow along :) All these babies around me giving me baby fever!

  2. I sure hope you start to feel better soon! Being sick is no fun and thankfully my little mini has spared me for the most part.

  3. LOVE your weekly bump posts! And PLEASE keep being honest for us women who aren't pregnant YET. I need to know as much as I can so nothing shocks me.

  4. You are a beautiful 14 weeks! And I know it can be tough going from fit to pregnant, but I assure you, you look beautiful! And, um, I had no idea that babies could pee.


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