A building machine...

Since his last tutorial - my husband has been steady building for our house. I am not sure what has gotten into him but he know believes that he can build anything for the house. He man - building machine. And you know what, I am cool with that. Less money I have to spend on furniture and it keeps him busy while I watch too many episodes of Real Housewives of any city.
I am pretty excited to share with you the side table B built - and then try to figure out a way to take credit for this accomplishment. Maybe I should start building things....yeah probably not.
The reason B decided to make this table was pretty simple: the budget for this room was small and since we try to save every dime we have all.the.time. we decided to make the table.
We used our recycled pallet wood, which we make our signs out of (shop here)! and some other scrap wood and B then constructed his "own creation". We measured the space we had next to the bed in the guest room and went off of that, this table is a special build for the space - so if we need to use it again I am sure we could probably fit it anywhere, because of its generally small size.
We started with the scrap wood, then Brandon stained the top pieces and painted the pieces which will be the bottom black.
He then constructed the base and added the pallets to the top of the table which makes the "table top". We used nails to construct the base and then screws to secure the table top.

After the table was constructed we coated it with a light coat of polyurethane on the table. We let dry for a few hours and then moved it upstairs to the new guest room!
Pretty easy, cheap and attractive if I do say so myself table.

I swear - it may look like I don't contribute to any of these projects lately, but I do, I have crowned myself "the brains" of the operation. Haha. Yes - we can go with that.
Happy Wednesday people. Linking up here today!



  1. Oh I LOVE this table! I need to buy myself some tools and learn how the heck to build my own furniture! So fun :) I can't wait to see how the room is coming together! I see a peek of the chalkboard wall :)

  2. It looks so much like our coffee table and end table - that we BOUGHT! You guys are so talented!


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